Data Cloud


Data Cloud

a next-generation flight information board at the Los Angeles International Airport.

The Data Cloud uses RSS feeds to harvest wind, temperature and precipitation data, and transforms this information into flowing organic forms that evoke waves, clouds and topographies.

Role :

This project was my first assignment with the interactive team. They challenged me on designing generative topographic visuals to fit with all the different  cities available, and on developing a selection of high fidelity animated prototypes for the UI.

Project :

For this giant LED display, we created the Data Cloud - a permanent, real-time, generative artwork that's viewed by millions of passengers every year. 

Tied into the airport's flight information system, the Data Cloud selects cities to display from the list of upcoming outbound flights. One side of the display is always rooted in Los Angeles, while the other reflects data from destinations around the world. It's a mesmerizing take on where passengers are, where they're going, and where they can dream of travelling next.


Client: Los Angeles World Airports

Company: Moment Factory

Role : Multidisciplinary designer

Topographic layers :

Animated interface researches :


Demonstration video  :

credits :

Client: Los Angeles World Airports
Project Director: MRA International
Feature designer: Sardi Design

Architect: Fentress Architects
Systems Designer: Smart Monkeys
Executive Content Producer: Moment Factory

Content Producer: Digital Kitchen
Systems Engineer: Electrosonic