No more parking fines, no more headaches: find your next spot with the prkng app.


Product Lead · Co-Founder
Since October 2014, I co-founded and ran Prkng as a tech startup. Prkng develops digital solutions to improve urban mobility and facilitate parking for drivers. In addition to the vision of the product & the company, my journey included design, supervision of the mobile team and strategies development. Details coming soon.

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The city’s interactive speaker’s corner of Montréal.


Lead designer · Co-Art director
Mégaphone is an art installation about reappropriating public space through speech, giving everyone an opportunity to join in on the discussion.This project was my first opportunity to design an entire experience and supervise the interactive team at Moment Factory.

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A new kind of permanent immersive experience for HQ office.


Art director · Product designer
At Moment Factory, we were challenged to create a permanent experience for the firm’s new office. We came up with multimedia & interactive installations, seamlessly integrated into the design of the space, allowing direct interaction between employees and visitors. Involved from the very beginning, I led the design and directed the interactive team from conception to production.

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A furniture brand designed & crafted in Switzerland.


Art director · Partner
I joined the founders in May 2013 with a mission : To help propel the idea into a brand. Thereafter, Kind of Design was born - a company whose every collection is an exploration into the limits of a single material and a celebration of Swiss culture.

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A next-generation flight information board at the Los Angeles International Airport.


UI - Motion Designer
Moment factory rethinks the airport experience. For this giant LED display, we created the Data Cloud - a permanent, real-time, generative artwork that transforms RSS Meteorological feeds into flowing organic forms that evoke waves, clouds and topographies. On this installation, I designed generative topographic visuals and a selection of animated UI.

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A showreel & selection of animated projects.


Motion design has a very special place in my heart. For nearly 5 years, I’ve been creating projects for cultural festivals, architectural firms, post-production companies and well-known brands. With a hint of nostalgia, I edited a showreel featuring some of my favourite works.

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